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Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Alexandria, VA

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

While drinking alcohol in moderation may cause no harm, it becomes a concern when you have no control over how much you are drinking. This addiction, combined with substance abuse, can be detrimental to not only your health but your professional and personal life as well. In these circumstances, going for alcohol addiction therapy is your best and safest option for recovery.

At Pinnacle Healthcare Services in Alexandria, VA, our lead provider is Dr. Kurwa Nyigu, MD. She has over 20 years of hospitalist experience and is double board-certified in internal medicine and addiction medicine. She is passionate about helping our patients overcome their addiction through a customized medical approach.

Our Approach Towards Alcohol Addiction and Substance Abuse Treatment

Our Approach Towards Alcohol Addiction and Substance Abuse Treatment

Alcohol and substance abuse can have a devastating impact on the patient’s social and personal life, including their happiness, peace, and overall quality of living. The right treatment plan can play a crucial role in restoring their mental health and giving them a second chance at leading a normal, happy life.

Treatment plans will vary among patients, depending on their medical condition, goals, and personal needs. Treatment methods generally include detox, medications, behavioral therapies, rehabilitation programs, and counseling.

At Pinnacle Healthcare Services, we have a skilled medical team specializing in various successful treatments and therapies for patients suffering from alcohol addiction. We are among the leading practices for all “substance abuse programs near me” searches in Alexandria, VA.

What To Expect With Our Treatment Process

  • Assessment

    Similar to other treatments, the first step involves patient assessment. This helps the healthcare team decide which treatment plans work best for the patient, based on their individual needs. This may include blood tests to establish the addiction severity and the patient’s medical and family history. The doctor will also ask what substances (i.e., alcohol along with other addictive substances like drugs, tobacco, etc.) the patient is addicted to and the estimated duration of the addiction.

    Step 1

  • Step 2

    Treatment Planning

    Once the patient’s condition is assessed, treatment planning begins. Our healthcare team will customize a recovery plan, keeping in mind the patient’s medical condition, addiction severity, and treatment objectives to achieve optimal results.

  • Detox

    Detoxification is one of the first steps to treat alcohol addiction. The idea is to cleanse the system by flushing out alcohol from the patient’s body, enabling them to start treatment while being completely sober. Stopping alcohol consumption might cause withdrawal symptoms characterized by convulsions, hallucinations, confusion, and shaking. Our treatment methods ensure a holistic healing process.

    Step 3

  • Step 4

    Treatment Process

    The next stage is the actual treatment process, which will vary among patients. Medication-assisted treatment may also be preferred in combination with other treatments such as behavior therapy and counseling. Patients are taught techniques to prevent any future relapses.

    To eliminate any possibility of a relapse and to successfully rehabilitate addiction patients, aftercare is necessary after the treatment completes. This can be in the form of counseling and support groups.

How Alcohol Addiction Can Cause Behavioral and Mental Health Issues

Alcohol addiction also impacts the brain, leading to behavioral and mental health issues. Alcohol interferes with the brain’s ability to communicate with the body, leading to difficulties in thinking and motor skills. It also affects moods, behaviors and increases symptoms of mental illness.

Alcohol Addiction & Substance Abuse Treatment in Alexandria, VA

Alcohol Addiction & Substance Abuse Treatment in Alexandria, VA

Our healthcare professionals at Pinnacle Healthcare specialize in several forms of alcohol addiction treatment. These also include therapies for dual diagnosis cases of addiction and mental illness.

If you are searching for “the best alcohol treatment near me” or “preferred substance abuse programs near me,” please book an appointment with our doctors at Pinnacle Healthcare. We have the necessary professional expertise to ensure effective recovery from alcohol addiction.

FAQ Section

What causes a person to be an alcoholic?

There can be various reasons that can cause a person to become an alcoholic. These can include environmental factors such as a patient’s income and exposure to alcohol advertisements, biological factors like genetics and physiology, social factors like family, peers, and friends, and psychological factors like depression, anxiety, and stress.

How can alcohol affect a person's behavior?

Alcohol causes people to have less control in managing their behavior, which can lead to self-disclosure, aggression, depression, hypersexuality, etc. In addition, alcohol impairs brain function and the brain's ability to process information and communicate with the body, which is needed to inhibit response impulses.

What happens if you drink alcohol every day?

Consuming alcohol daily can lead to a series of devastating health issues such as liver disease, high blood pressure, damage to the pancreas, cancers of the mouth, throat, liver, breast, and esophagus. It can also weaken your immune system, making the body vulnerable to infections.

Does drinking every day make you an alcoholic?

While an occasional pint or a glass of wine is unlikely to cause any health problems, excessive drinking can increase your health risks and propel you towards a potential addiction problem.

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